Is there an age requirement?

Participants must be 10 years of age or older. A Parent or Guardian must be present for anyone under 18.

What do I need to wear?

Dress comfortably or dress for business. Our only requirement is wearing closed toe shoes.

Will I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, all participants must sign a waiver. Anyone under the age of 18 will need a parent/guardian to sign off on the waiver as well.

How long is a session?

Sessions are in 1 hour increments. Larger groups should consider booking for 2 hours.

Is there a minimum number of participants required?

There is not a minimum number of participants. We have (4) lanes available and will host up to (6) players per lane. Single players or couples may throw with other couples.

Can I bring my own axe?

For your safety and liability reasons, you will have to leave your axe home.

Will someone teach us how to throw?

Yes. We have learned from one of the best throwers in the business (Miguel Tamburini) and use the Tamburini Method. When you arrive we will set you up with one of our coaches. They will cover the basic techniques, cover our safety rules, and help you get that bullseye.

Can I bring food and alcohol?

Outside food and alcohol are not allowed, however you can stop by The Garage Bar and Grill and grab a meal and drink to have down in the Axe throwing area. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who seems intoxicated and can not safely throw our axes.

Do I need previous experience to do this?

So your saying you don’t throw axes for a living? We went through hours of training and have learned from the best, so you will be just fine with our expert coaches to guide you along the way.

Is this safe?

Safety is our biggest concern. This is why we feel that we built one of the safest arenas in the area. Not only do we have safety procedures and training put into place, our arena is built with anti-bounce back walls and each lane (target) is individually surrounded with wood and fencing to keep your axe in the proper lane and others in theirs.

Can I host a corporate event outside of normal operating hours?

Depending on the group size and time that you are looking for we can accommodate your needs. Our Karting facility is open 7 days a week, so adding some axe throwing should not be a problem. Team Building and Individual events can look into renting out both activities to increase the level of excitement for their employees and/or friends.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel or reschedule your booking, please contact us at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled booking. If you cancel with less than 48 hours or do not show up you will not receive a refund.

I rserved for a certain number of people and now they can't come. what do i do?

You can still come and enjoy your axe throwing experience without them. If it happens to be 1 or 2 people, then we will only charge for the people who come. If you booked for a large group of players and some do not show, then we may have to charge for the entire group.