Experience the thrill of your races like never before with our new Viewpoint Camera rentals!

What Are Viewpoint Cameras? Viewpoint Cameras are compact, wide-angle video cameras that capture your entire racing adventure in crystal-clear HD. Mounted atop your helmet or behind your head, they deliver an exhilarating Point-of-View (POV) perspective, ensuring every twist and turn on the track is documented.

You’ll have a comprehensive recording – from the adrenaline-fueled start to the triumphant finish line! No moment of your racing prowess will be left unrecorded.

Why Should I Rent a Viewpoint Camera at 3RK? There are numerous compelling reasons to opt for a Viewpoint Camera rental during your next 3RK visit. Here are just a few:

  1. Witness your fastest lap!
  2. Showcase your skillful overtakes to friends and family or relive thrilling moments with your fellow racers!
  3. Utilize it as a valuable tool to analyze your laps and discover how you can conquer the track even faster!
  4. Share your epic racing moments on social media and let the world see just how cool you are!

Capture, relive, and share your 3RK adventure in a whole new dimension with Viewpoint Cameras!


Pricing: 6.99 per video. SAVE MORE – 17.99 for 3 videos!